Interprofessional Education


What is Interprofessional Education?

Interprofessional Education is when students from two or more professions learn about, from and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes.1

Why is IPE Important?

Health profession education has evolved in a parallel manner, and each has a different focus on their educational approach and clinical service. While it is important for students to master their profession’s educational objectives, health professions know very little about their colleagues’ scope of practice and educational preparedness.

“If we acknowledge the growing body of evidence that healthcare delivered by well-functioning teams produces better results, there is a serious disconnect with the educational system that is still structured in silos”.

George Thibault, MD
President Macy Foundation 2012


How does IPE help students prepare for collaborative practice?

  • Understand their own professional identity while gaining an understanding of other professional’s roles on the health care team.
  • Work together for a common goal of improving patient outcomes.
  • Navigate the myriad choices for drug and therapeutic management of patients.
  • Participate in delivering care amidst the changing landscape of health policy and reimbursement models.