Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is the process of telling another individual how they are perceived. Providing and accepting feedback can improve a mentee’s performance and confidence, as well as enhance the mentor-mentee relationship.

Feedback Strategies for Mentors 1

Base it on positive observations:

  • Discuss what the student is doing well.
  • Focus on skills, attitudes and behaviors.

Identify areas of improvement:

  • Give descriptions of deficiencies or inappropriate behaviors.
  • Convey the information objectively and give specific examples.

Positive ending comments:

  • Present suggestions for improvement.
  • Discuss how improvement can be achieved.
  • Review student’s strengths and what student can do differently.

Feedback Strategies for Mentees 2

  • Expect feedback to enhance learning.
  • Communicate goals and needs.
  • Be accepting of suggestions.
  • Avoid defensive responses; ask for clarification.
  • See mistakes as an opportunity to improve.
  • Learn to elicit feedback to enhance learning.

Additional Information and CME Credit:
Southern New Hampshire Area Health Education Center’s Preceptor Training Module on Feedback