Communication Skills

Importance of Communication in Mentoring: Perspective of a Dental Student

Lakeshia Thomas
Dental Student, University of Connecticut

Developing a successful mentoring and career advising relationship with students is dependent on strong communication skills. In this relationship the mentor has the opportunity to initiate a positive and nonjudgmental communication style that will allow the student to relax and become part of the relationship. Once the channels of communication are open, the true benefits of the relationship will be achieved.

Tools to sharpen your listening, feedback and coaching skills with students:


Understanding Generational Differences

A look at the millennial generation and tips for successful interaction.

Listening Skills

A list of characteristics of a good listener.

Barriers to Communication

An overview of behaviors that interfere in good communication.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

A list of strategies for giving and receiving feedback.

Teaching Style and Learning Style

A summary of the various teaching and learning styles.