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Developing a successful relationship with one or many mentors requires a mentee to be aware of their behavior and expectations.

The following characteristics will assist the mentee in achieving successful mentor/mentee relationships.

Mentees listen.They maintain eye contact (as culturally appropriate) and give mentors their full attention.
Mentees are receptive to feedback.They practice active listening and give serious consideration to all advice given by mentor.
Mentees are open and honest.They share goals and aspirations with mentor.
Mentees are respectful of mentor’s time.They are prepared, on time, and are not overly dependent on mentor.
Mentees are proactive.They are willing to implement, take action and guide relationship.
Mentees maintain confidentiality. They never discuss their mentor or their interactions with others.Mentors use their personal experience to help their mentees avoid mistakes and learn from good decisions.
Mentees solicit advice.They are comfortable with soliciting advice and guidance from mentor.
Mentees pursue networking opportunities.They actively pursue all opportunities provided by mentor to widen exposure to primary care.

Adapted in May 2010 from The Connecticut Mentoring Partnership and the Business and Legal Reports, Inc. and White’s Mentoring: A Key Strategy to Prepare the Next Generation of Physicians Mentoring.