Mentee Tips


Tips for Mentees


Be respectful of your mentor’s time.

  • Your mentor is a busy professional with many responsibilities and demands on their time.
  • You can help build a successful relationship by identifying, planning, and preparing issues for every meeting and discussion with a mentor.
  • Always be on time and respond promptly to calls or emails.
  • Recognize generational differences and discuss with mentor.
  • Do not overstep boundaries.

Make things happen.

  • Take the initiative to set a call or email.
  • Set up times to meet with your mentor.
  • Initiate activities.
  • Ask your mentor to work on a special project or presentation.

Ask for advice and welcome feedback.

  • You will get much more from the relationship if you clearly and consistently ask your mentor for advice.
  • A good mentor will provide you with advice, guidance and opportunities for improvement.

Maintain confidentiality.

  • Remember that all information gathered and discussed with your mentor must be kept confidential.
  • When making comments about your mentor, keep them positive or neutral.