Career Advisement and Counseling

Career advisor, who could be a student’s mentor, teacher or preceptor, assist the student in exploring career options and provide guidance in making her specialty selection.

PCCAMP provides busy clinicians with tools to assist in initiating and sustaining successful relationships with students. Students value and want meaningful and effective relationships with clinicians who can assist them in achieving their goals.

Tools to help you grow as a career advisor


What is Student-Centered Career Advisement/Counseling?

An overview of how to allow the student to be the center of the career advising process.

Medical School Roadmap

A detailed description of the current educational process in medical school to assist advisors in understanding the expectations and requirements of medical students. In the future, we hope to include such “roadmaps” for the other health profession schools.

Careers in Medicine Program

A tool provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges for assisting students in making a residency selection.

Skills for Advising

An overview of the skills for advising students.

Decisions To Be Made

A tool to assist advisors when a student knows his specialty choice, is still debating between specialties or has no idea of specialty.

Career Advising: Utilizing a Decision Tree for Faculty/Preceptor/Mentor

A decision tree, for use in interactions with students, to assist in residency selection.

Questions to Ask Students

A list of questions to facilitate discussions on career selection.