Mentor Checklist 1


1. Getting started as a mentor

  • Set aside an ample amount of time for the first meeting with your mentee.
  • Obtain his or her CV or Bio prior to this meeting.
  • Use this meeting time to get to know other aspects of your mentee. Share similar information about yourself. Topics might include hobbies, primary care interests, family, external organizations, etc.

2. Contact information

  • Clearly provide mentee with the best contact information.
  • It is your decision on the mode of communication (phone, email).
  • Discuss with mentee how long your response time might be before you responding to message.

3. Goals for relationship

  • Discuss with mentee what he or she hopes to get from the relationship.
  • Write out one-year and three-year mentee goals.
  • Determine the frequency of your meetings/activities.
  • Re-evaluate the goals at least annually.

4. Focus on career-advising 2

  • Assist in examining student’s career options in primary care.
  • Discuss positive and negative feelings about primary care.
  • Assist student in producing realistic strategies to achieve career goals.
  • Ask probing questions on career plans and vision.
  • Focus more time on career planning with students who have unformed career selections.

5. End of relationship

  • At the end of a year in the relationship, try to evaluate each other.