Barriers to Communication1



  • Making judgments about a mentees’ behavior, including calling it “right” or “wrong ”, or telling them what they “should ” or “should not ” do.


  • Disagreeing with instead of encouraging the mentee.


  • Telling the mentee what to do in a self-righteous way.


  • Relating long-winded personal narratives that are not relevant or helpful to the mentee.

Blocking communication:

  • Speaking without listening to the mentee’s responses, using an aggressive voice, showing impatience, showing annoyance when interrupted, or having an authoritative manner.

Talking too much:

  • Talking so much that the mentee does not have time to express himself or herself. As a mentor, it is important not to dominate the interaction.

Adapted in May 2010 from I-Tech’s International Training and Education Center’s Building a Relationship with a Mentee.