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Mentor Tips

Tips for Mentors 1

Mentor Tips1. Listen patiently

  • give students time to get to issues they find important or sensitive;
  • attempt to pick up on mentee’s verbal and nonverbal cues;
  • listen for what is not said, as well as what is said.

2. Nurture self-sufficiency

  • your goal is to foster the development of the student’s growth in their selected specialty (even if it is not your own specialty);
  • encourage confidence and knowledge about the student’s skills and personal characteristics.

3. Make yourself accessible

  • a reasonably prompt response to your mentee’s telephone call or email is important to the relationship.

4. Welcome the student

  • invite the student to shadow you at your office/practice;
  • share your own successes and failures;
  • partner with the student on primary care-focused activities.

5. Build a relationship

  • get to know the student and allow the student to know you, both personally and professionally.

6. Primary care vision

  • provide experiences and opportunities that challenge primary care stereotypes and promote reflection and attitudinal change.


Adapted in May 2010 from Roger’s Toward Measuring the Domains of Mentoring. Family Medicine, 2008.

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