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Mentee Guide


The “Mentee Guide” should be shared with your mentees and used to stimulate conversation with students interested in establishing a mentoring relationship.

Mentee Guidelines and Mentoring Relationship

What is a Mentee?

Mentee Guide As the mentee you will be counseled, guided, and advised by an experienced primary care professional.

  • Mentee must be a strong advocate for his or her own professional and personal development.
  • Mentee takes an active, not a passive role, in shaping the relationship. 1

  • Mentee manages the work of the relationship by planning and setting the meeting agenda, asking questions, listening, completing assigned tasks, and requesting feedback. 2

What is the PCCAMP Mentoring Relationship?

  • The relationship should be based on a common goal: to advance the student’s professional and personal growth in primary care.
  • The PCCAMP is designed to give the mentee the tools necessary to build and sustain a strong relationship with their mentor and career advisor.

Types of relationships are as follows: 3

  • Formal: Includes a written agreement, formal meeting times and involvement in outside activities.
  • Informal: A relationship without a written agreement or formal meeting schedule.
  • Virtual (distance, email): Includes emails, chats, phone calls, and other interactions without being physically in the same place.
  • Just-in-Time: Includes interactions with students that occur during clinical rotations and community preceptor visits.
  • Combination of two or more of the above: Mentor and mentee create a relationship that works for them.

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