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Teaching and Learning Styles

Style of the Teacher

Adult Learning Theory is an approach to learning which contains a variety of components demonstrating how adults learn as it provides guidance on how to deliver information for a successful learning experience.

Teaching and Learning Styles in a Mentor - Mentee Relationship

Malcolm Knowles, a pioneer in the study of adult learning, observed that adults learn best when:

  1. they understand why something is important to know or do;
  2. they have the freedom to learn in their own way;
  3. learning is experiential;
  4. the time is right for them to learn.

Style of the Learner

Identifying students’ learning style is important to understanding student’s preferred mode for taking in new information.

Action: Have student complete the Learning Styles Self-Assessment Tool to better understand his/her own learning needs. Use this to have an open dialogue with student on teaching and learner style.

Additional Information and CME Credit:
Southern New Hampshire Area Health Education Center’s Preceptor Training Module on Teaching Style, Learner Style at:

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